Automatic No___

Imagine or maybe you’ve been there, but imagine you’re being told your train is delayed by an automated file, that continues to tell you that it cares, or they care and are very sorry… i either laugh or it immidiatly boils my piss. I really dont like the lack of fuck’s given to this automatic no culture.

Hard to contact, hard to contextualise, hard to explain

For example the email I recieved when I asked why I had been banned:


Thanks for writing in.

I understand that you have trouble logging in to your account. Apparently it shows that your account has been banned from Tinder for violating our Terms of Use or Community Guidelines in some way.

We take violations of our policies very seriously, and do not offer an appeals process at this time. Therefore, your account will remain banned from Tinder, and you will not be able to create a new Tinder profile using your Facebook account and/or phone number.

Please refer to our Terms of Use ( and Community Guidelines ( for more information.



Bobby and or Tinder take violations of our policies very seriously but not seriously enough to explain what I had violated… soo what has Bobby told me ? fuck all. well actually Bobby has told me Tinder dont give a fuck, reguardless of Subscription and existing balances, we magically decided you can fuck off.

haha ok, too many swears.

It might be that I previously challenged them on the Superlike fraud echo system in which everyone wins except those paying money maybe they got round to thinking about that and just thought ‘fuck that guy’… I can only guestimate with what I have. anyway moving on to Apple

I still had Superlikes and Boosts and an active gold subscription…

I want some of that money back.

Automatic No (i say that because it was imidaiate after the ‘submit’)

Hmm, let’s have a look under the hood, the concernType wasnt 14, but by resubmitting the request and incrementing/decrementing that numerical value I got a different result

Let’s see what happens… **

Not all bad tho, It did automatically refund my Superlikes without using nerd tools, but I am curious to how it made that descision

As customers its always going to be shitty for us ‘on the way out’ … look at how many companies make an effort when you unsubscribe versus when you subscribe, similarly to alot of shops that have automatic stairs to the products but normal stairs on the way out… ahmmm.

hah, ok, rant over. …

Oh and … Tinder… assholes.

Initially Apple suggested I speak to Tinder, I replied explaining that was a impossible task, as they are as rare as rocking horse shit in terms of challenge responses, they emailed me back with this:


So, the take away is, you can get a refund for Gold Subscription once Banned.