Ban Recovery from Tinder

Okay, here’s what you lose:

  • Vanity name in url (naturally)
  • Instagram integreation (cant reconnect instagram to new accounts)
  • Matches
  • Any profiling
  • Facebook’s ability to authenticate or the phone number you registered with.


  • Vanity name, no one really gives a shit about it.
  • Dont connect instagram, match, send them it.
  • Matches, well that sucks but the goal is to go on tinder to get off tinder, you could have missed out bigtime, give them ‘out of tinder’ contact points as soon as you like (insta/mobile/wechat/whatsapp etc…)
  • Profiling … meh, you might incur a thumb injury depending on how you feel about swiping (see here)
  • Facebook/Phone numbers: use phone numbers, infact, if you use facebook you lose a lot more, a sim card costs … a pound ? maybe £5 with some credit, that’s better than surrendering your facebook authentication and handing over facebook details to tinder, operationally, i guess the picture being painted here is give Tinder as little as possible to punish you on

What’s unaffected:

  • Gold Subscription applied to new accounts (at least with apple ) this can be restore from any new account (phone number in this case) - this also might be useful for the bots to share one accoutn and restore it to all the bot accounts intermittently (thinking evil)
  • Spotify connect
  • Email Address (my old email address was given, it was verified)