If I had to ... had to guess why I was banned, I can only barely say it might be this

If I had to find a justification for my ban I could only assume someone didnt have a sense of humor to match mine, and that really is a reflection of the diversity of Tinder, some people want a holiday, some people want you to invest, some people are angry with their ex… some angry with their boyfriend! (it’s happened) and some looking for a relationship, a wedding a weekend fix. so with all that in mind and the lack of prefrences, your profile space is really your one shot to cut the signal from the noise, I wanted someone who laughs at awful jokes (it’s super important to me)

I wrote:

“My Ex’s Dog always came first, we should have never had an interspieces threesome.”

I hope you’re laughing, or at least understand that this is a fucking joke, on a website where people have to make eachother laugh/wet/hard/excited/interested/everything else … i dont think this is the reason… but it’s the only thing I can come up with

It’s a good joke!

Tinder… you assholes bro.