Pure.app / Pure.sex

Some observations from Pure.sex the hookup app

Originally the app was fun, and worth the one time fee for an annual subscription … under the conditions of the time of purchase, enjoying features such as attaching pictures of my choice and being able to exchange numbers with people, that’s what I was paying for + access to people

Why is it so shit now ?
Poor defence strategy, or no budget/commitment to maintaining the features we all want, and carving out a new narrative of pure explaining to us how we should x

Suspected problems pure.sex had fixed badly

so they won’t let you upload a good photo anymore, you have to take one direct from your camera, as a result of this no one …sorry, considerably less people are participating in showing who they are, our good photo’s are saved for these occasions but we might not be presentable at the time needing to or wanting to share a photo … excellent UX there pure, really considering the use case of your app …

the next thing is there is more visible active monitoring of conversations, I was chatting to a girl this morning and we spent a few minutes trying to give each-other our phone numbers and it killed it, I missed out, she missed out on a connect the way people usually connect… but pure didn’t miss out because they’ve got their subscription - this is why I’m writing this.

So the refund policy is pretty much ‘go fuck yourself’ but what’s interesting is how much the app has changed from being worth the money I’ve paid to being a piece of shit sat on a throne of bad decisions (haha, you like that ?)

implementing a good web application firewall with some rules to gate suspected addresses and accounts wouldn’t be that much effort, you’re not going to get rid of all fraud, but you are going to piss everyone off defending it badly

there is technology out there that can help, but maybe because pure is sitting on a generic framework the people working with it aren’t very skilled ? use the money we pay you to grow in the right places.

feedback@pure.app is an email address that is hard to find and never responds.