The Boost Fraud

The Boost Fraud

You’ve exausted all the would be suiters in your area, you want to get your new handsom picture out there, so you spend some money on some Boosts, boosts elevating you to the top of the viewing pile for a period of time…

Boosts costing

  • £1.95 each if you buy 20
  • 2.40 each if you buy 10
  • 3.33 each if you buy 3
  • Or a Super Boost costing £38.99 for three hours continuously

So yeah, some money, now the problem here is during this time your profile will be presented to people and bots, but if those bots where not on the platform there is an argument that more people would see your elevated profile (the point of a boost).

I’ll be expanding more on the methods the spam uses and what i think Tinder could do about it, they dont listen to me via the weak support channels so, i think this domain name will work and eventually get traction as it fills up