The Superlike Fraud

The Super Like

You’ve liked some people but, it’s a huge diverse pool of attention and care, some people will give tinder more attention, some wont care, and you wont know who is what until you sit and have a coffee with them so … tough tits. but there is superlike, a way to stand out and say HEY, I like your profile, you know that they get it, and dont have to match to know that you like eachother

obviously that costs money,

SuperLike Costing:

  • £0.65p each if you buy 60 Superlikes
  • £0.80p each if you buy 25 Superlikes
  • £1.00 each if you buy 5

So yeah, they cost, but they work … at least enough to grant you an audiance of varying attention … that’s the nature of it.

The problem is that there are so many bots on tinder that you will give up a percentage of your superlikes to … python scripts no doubt. these will then once matched with you add images to thier profile that are something like ‘find out more at or some shit, the problem is that it doesnt seem very clear that Tinder does much for these being spent erroniously on their platform that shouldnt be allowing bots, let’s not forget this is £1.00 per superlike