This Person Does Not Exist

This is a great example of challenges (to come?) and while it is a problem for Tinder, it’s also going to be our problem too, because lets face it, Tinder is a trashfire for fakes (usually profiles stolen from porn or cam sites are used to power profiles… that you may depending on your mood spend super likes on, that will later be maked as fake, annnnd you dont get that superlike back :slight_smile: … ANYWAY

It’s not clear the full echosystem and value to fraudsters, it’s either easy to automate and low on resource so profit might be small but still … better than a kick in the gender specific genatalia of your chosing
or harder to automate but based on succesful fraud the payoff is worth it, either way convinsing accounts are key

The Bitcoin/investment fraudsters have a better approach, they’ll match, they’re cute (usually HK/asian) a few days in they will mention that they trade as a side project, and that thier uncle is very smart/rich from this… and slowly the pitch comes into focus, maybe I should put a methods catagory so we can share them … and find ways to identify them quicker, it’s harder for tinder as usually these types of fraud usually happen as soon as they’re off their platform … then it’s heresay, how can that be addressed ?

oh shit, i’ve gone off topic.